About Anna Gilhespy

I love a challenge. I love to take a simple pencil, piece of paper, and eraser, and make something really beautiful. I am a traditionally trained artist, an oil painter, and a portraitist. I love the individual challenges that every portrait brings: a head full of curls, a checked shirt, or a tartan dress. I disappear into my work for hours at a time, completely entranced. And I get excited about the finished result every single time.


Videos made for my website. Watch me working on a new drawing and a second video slide show of my work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about what I do, or the details of a custom order? You can find many answers on my Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Village Card

In association with Amsterdam Mamas, Anna Gilhespy proudly supports The Village Card as one of it’s Founding Village Businesses. Members of The Village Card get exclusive discounts from a huge range of businesses based in and around Amsterdam, Netherlands.